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 3′ x 6′ Post and Panel Signage

Two post and Panel directional signs made for Hide A Way Lounge and grill in Vacaville, CA. Face is double sided and made from 1/2″ MDO Plywood with laminated digital vinyl for outdoor use. Frame is DATO (grooved) for face to prevent warping and edges are siliconed to help prevent water damage. Installed into ground with cement to help prevent leaning over time.

2′ x 4′ Post and Panel Signage

A Third, smaller directional sign was made in a similar fashion as the larger ones. The 2′ x 4′ face was small enough that it did not need dato grooves so it was screwed to the front of the posts along with screw caps for look and longevity.

Direction Signage

Entry way sign is made from 1/8″ thick composite metal. A laminated digital outdoor print was applied to the face. The sign was installed with screws and screw caps that match the black border for a clean look as well was to help prevent wood rot around the screws.

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